Pearls of Wisdom

What's so special about Katharina Hovman?

For over twenty-five years, German designer Katharina Hovman has offered a remarkable collection based around elegant, simple designs. The collection's signature fabric is named "micro taffeta" or more accurately "travel taffeta" made of 100% polyester. It's a weightless, cool, taffeta that can easily be molded into sophisticated shapes. The fabric has just a hint of sheen, so it can be worn both casually and dressy. Her chic blouses, jackets, skirts, pants and dresses are ready to wear right out of the suitcase. Care? How about no care? They're serious...Do not steam or iron! Simply hand wash, and your garment is...

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Wrap It Up!

It took three years to find the perfect solid cashmere wrap, and KAS Cashmere made it worth the wait. These luxurious 100% cashmere wraps are hand dyed and woven in Nepal. They drape perfectly, and stays put whether you wear them as a shawl or a scarf. They're sheer, airy and feel buttery soft, yet are hearty enough to be worn again and again. When you need a layer of warmth and coverage you'll be delighted with our large selection of stunning colors.  

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Fresh Florals from Samantha Sung

Pearls San Marino Samantha Sung

Did you know that Pearls has the largest selection of the Samantha Sung collection for you to choose from? Her distinctly feminine classics have set the ladylike tone of our store from the beginning. Here's a few reason's why her dresses continuously spark joy to all who wear them...   Samantha's original prints are hand blocked in her hometown of Seoul, Korea so they are extra vibrant and crisp.   Her sheer cotton Musola dresses are double layered and made with ten yards of fabric, so you feel like you're floating on air.   Her signature shirtdress is both modern...

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Great Belts Are a Snap!

What if you could have multiple belts with a couple of extra buckles? W. Kleinberg belts lets you do just that! Most of their belt straps have snaps, so you can remove the buckles, and swap them out. Clever!   Take these two classic belts     And a couple of these belt buckles in either silver or gold, and get these options below... And more! \

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Wedding Season

The most popular months to get married are May through October.  If you have showers, rehearsal dinners and the big day to attend, we have a few ideas you may like to  wear.    Do you have a tropical destination wedding?  Samantha Sung's Aster Dress is made with ten yards of lightweight cotton musola.  The skirt is double layered, and makes you feel like you're floating on air!  This dress comes with a self belt and sash that can double as a shawl, so you have a few options.   Katharina Hovman's simply elegant dress in Sunset is perfect for...

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